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You're engaged, and your very big day is swiftly approaching. Regardless of what sort of marriage ceremony you plan on having, one of the biggest moments at your wedding reception will be the moment you and your partner share in the first dance on the dance floor. It's just you two and a crowd watching with admiration. This is perhaps the most memorable moment at any wedding reception - and you want to make it timeless for your selves and for your loved ones. 

When that moment arrives, the spotlight will be on the two of you, and only the two of you.. It is a very special moment that all your guests will want to watch, but ... what happens if you are not much of a dancer or if you have never danced before? Do you really want to look clumsy and uncomfortable at the very moment when you are the center of attention? Sure, if one (or both) of you trip up during the first dance, your guests aren't likely to take notice. However, let’s face it; you will probably be glowing from embarrassment if you are not prepared. This is where Arthur Murray Dance Studio comes in!

The Shining Benefit of Professional Dance Lessons

Knowing how dance properly is not only about avoiding embarrassment, and neither is it all about impressing your audience either. The fact of the matter is that when you are dancing in the arms of the person you love, it is one of the most romantic ways to show your partner just how much you love them. Wedding dance lessons are more popular today than what they have ever been, and ironically, many people book lessons even years after their marriage. Even many single people who have no intention of getting married anytime soon are booking dance lessons. After all, there must be a good reason why there are currently more than 270 Arthur Murray Dance Studios around the world.


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Wedding Dance Lessons in Santa Rosa

When it comes to wedding dance lessons, Sonoma County presents several opportunities. Few, if any, can compete with the quality and cost of dance tuition at our studio in Santa Rosa. We welcome anyone and everyone to our studio, whether you only want a few basic lessons, or whether you want to dance like a star. If you have set a wedding date and you want wedding dance lessons in time for the big day, we recommend that you and your partner contact us as soon as possible. We recommend beginning your lessons as far in advance from the wedding date as possible. 

This will allow our highly experienced instructors to evaluate your current capabilities and then develop a plan accordingly, a program that can be tailored to you own personal needs and desires. When the big day arrives, you will step onto the dance floor with absolute confidence knowing that the two of you are almost certainly going to steal the show.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios

At our studio in Santa Rosa, we want your wedding dance lessons to be great fun and hugely enjoyable, and we are 100% confident that you will enjoy every lesson you have. Everyone knows just how incredibly stressful it can be to plan a wedding reception, and the last thing we want is for your dance lessons to add to that stress.

To the contrary, your wedding dance lessons with us should provide you with a much-needed break from all the stress, and you can be sure that they will. When you are on the dance floor moving with your partner to the sound of music, your wedding plans and other stressful matters will seem like they are a million miles away.

Dance Lessons Tailored to your Individual Needs

Whether you want to learn classic ballroom dancing in time for your big day, or whether you have your very own idea, just let us know and we will tailor your wedding dance lessons just for you and your partner. We are also happy to offer one free private lesson to all new customers, so you will have ample time to decide if our dance instructors are a good match for what you have in mind.

Sure, you and your loved one could always practice at home in the evening after work, but very very few people have that kind of discipline. Couples who opt for self-taught don’t have a professional on hand to teach the right moves, and to steer them in the right direction. Visiting Arthur Murray Dance Studio Santa Rosa is so much more fun, and this in itself provides all the motivation you need to become a talented dancer in no time at all. So, if your wedding date is approaching and you believe you could benefit from some professional wedding dance lessons, just get it touch, and then let us do the rest.

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