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There's no better way than to experience a newfound passion for life than to give a Salsa & Swing dance lesson a try. It's one of the most exhilirating dances you can learn, and it is surprisingly beginner-friendly! 

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Santa Rosa is home to some of the country's best dance instructors in this specific dance style. You may not have heard our names, but you've seen the fruits of our labor; we've taught thousands of passion-seeking individuals how to dance salsa & swing, and you're likely to have seen a few of our previous students. Many students of ours go on to professional dancing, and most simply carry on their newfound dance skills across the dance floors of America, impressing all those who gaze on. 

A Brief Look at Some Key Differences between Salsa and Swing

Before you continue reading, you need to keep in mind that neither salsa nor swing is an exact science. In other words, you will see slight variations between one person’s style and the next. In the United States for example, swing dancing styles can vary quite considerably depending on whether you are on the east coast or whether you are on the west coast. Just keep this in mind when reading about some of the differences mentioned below.

1. Bounce vs. Feel – The best way to describe this would be to say that swing dancing is all about bouncing to the music, or bopping to the music. With salsa, it is all about embracing the 'sexy' vibe of dance. It's a very intimate and romantic style, one performed best with a partner you feel comfortable with. (By the way, there's no better way to re-kindle a spark in a relationship than to take a salsa dance lesson with your partner!) The feel of salsa comes from the music. It is one of the styles that is engrained into the music, moving in accordance to the progression of the band or song. It's a style that can be adapted on-the-fly to fit the intensity of the song. Don't worry; it's not as complicated as it sounds!

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2. Footwork and Counting – If you are dancing rueda salsa then you will be dancing in a circular fashion, but for the most part, salsa is danced in what we call a slot, almost like moving backwards and forwards in a rectangle. The style consists almost entirely of modular moves, and you will know exactly where your partner is at the end of a move. With swing dancing, you tend to use a lot of improvisation, and as a result, you are not always sure where your partner is going to end up.

In case you are feeling a little confused, with swing dancing you have a lot of freedom to be spontaneous and to drift all over the place, while with salsa dance, you are essentially following a set routine.

3. Tension and Momentum – If you are the male partner during a salsa dance, then admittedly, a certain amount of momentum and tension will help to ensure good leading, but in reality, tension and momentum are not as important as they are with swing dancing. With salsa, you and your partner can actually be very gentle with each other, whereas with swing dancing, you require a firm grip and constant tension.

There are of course a number of other differences, including some important ones too, but reading about them in an article like this would probably only serve to confuse you. This is why it is best to go for professional salsa or swing dance lessons if you decide that you want to learn how to dance. 

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Salsa and Swing Dancing vs. Ballroom Dancing


Should you go for salsa dance lessons or swing dance lessons, or should you go for ballroom dance lessons? The decision is of course yours to make, but you need to think about why you actually want to take up dancing. If you want to do it for a hobby and have loads of fun on the weekends, then most people would agree that salsa or swing dancing are far better choices than ballroom dancing as there are typically more scenarios to express a salsa/swing dance than ballroom. However, that takes nothing away from the grace and elegance of ballroom dancing! Both are very special, and treasured in their own ways and in their own settings. 

Salsa dancing and swing dancing are a lot more social, with dedicated clubs in most cities these days. Many people also join a salsa dance group or a swing dance group, often meeting up on a Friday or Saturday evening to have plenty of good clean fun.

Learning How to Salsa or Swing like a Star - Fascinate your Friends and Family with your Newfound Dance Moves!

These days you can download free tutorial from the internet, or subscribe to an online dancing school, but learning dance this way will hinder (and perhaps harm) your progress! Muscle memory is very difficult to fix if learned improperly; just ask any golfer! We highly recommend reaching out to our dance studio and simply ask the best way to get started. Join in on a free private dance lesson and take it from there!

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio Santa Rosa, dance classes are never overcrowded, so you are always guaranteed to receive plenty of personal attention from one of our highly experienced and incredibly passionate dance instructors. When you walk through the door of our studio for your dance lessons, you are entering an environment where you can be sure that your lessons are going to be a huge amount of fun while at the same time teaching you how to dance like a pro. There are more than 200 Arthur Murray dance studios around the world, and there is a good reason for that.