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Arthur Murray Dance Studio Napa provides professional wedding dance lessons to Napa County, Sonoma County, and beyond. No matter what style of wedding dance you’re looking for, our expert dance instructors will know how to get you from step one to owning the dance floor.


Before you continue reading, please keep in mind that our Napa dance studio is currently offering a FREE introductory wedding dance lesson to couples looking to find dance instruction. This limited time offer will allow us to introduce ourselves and get to know your big dreams and vision for your wedding dance. We’ll explain the basics, show you a few simple steps, and make you confident that our Arthur Murray Dance Studio is the right pick for your dance instruction.

Wedding dances are among the biggest cause of frayed nerves for newly engaged couples. Not only is there a never-ending to-do list to go through before your big day, you are extra terrified of stepping on that dance floor without any clue of how to inspire awe and wonder within the hearts of all of your on-looking guests. Most wedding couples take cheap lessons at hole in the wall studios that offer [what seems to be] a reasonable rate. However, the instruction they receive will be a one-size-fits all approach, not customized to the personal desires and tastes that you’re specifically looking for. You want a team of dance instructors that looks after your best interest and accommodates your instruction according to your desires.

That’s where Arthur Murray Dance Studio Napa comes in. Our expert dance lesson instructors are trained in dance styles from all over the world. We’ll have an instructor masterfully skilled in absolutely any dance style you’d like to bring to the dance floor for the First Dance on your very special day.


Free New Student Offer:


We’ll walk through your dance routine step by step, and we’ll even include the song that you’ll dance to in our instruction and training. Our goal is to make you so very confident that there’s no doubt whatsoever that you’ll perform 110% beyond your expectations. That’s our Arthur Murray promise.

So, what dance style are you looking for? Do you want something flashy with a healthy dose of glitz and glamour? Perhaps our salsa and swing dance lessons will entice you. Or maybe you’d like something more structured and formal and gentle; our ballroom dance lessons are the perfect pick for that. We’re also well versed in dozens of other styles from around the world. If you have no idea what you’re looking for in a dance style, our team will lead you through the process of picking a wedding dance style perfect for you and your loved one.

That’s why we highly recommend our limited-time free introductory lesson promotion! You’ll be able to sample a variety of dance styles before you decide on the perfect one for you and your loved one. While you’re at your first lesson, you’ll likely see our other students learning their own dance routines and witness with your own eyes the quality of instructional work we provide.

The Instructors of our Napa Wedding Dance Lessons

We’re very prideful of our dance instructors. We hand-selected them from among hundreds of candidates based on an extensive list of criteria. We’re literally placing the success of our students in their hands [and their feet] when deciding who possesses the warmth, dedication, passion, and patience to take someone from their first dance steps onto the dance floor in front of a crowd.

Our Napa wedding dance instructors go at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about feeling rushed. Conversely, you don’t have to worry about growing weary of repetitive dance instruction! Our team will assesses the rate of your improvement and adjusts the lessons accordingly.

Take a Wedding Dance Style: Make It Yours


Let’s say you decide on the Swing Dance as the one you’ll perform for your guests. They have no idea what to expect, and you want to astound them as they gasp and say, “Where did they learn that!?” Now, you may have a visual image in your head of what swing dancing looks like. However, when you see people swing dance, you’re seeing them put their own artistic expression into the dance.

Dancing is an art form because even if you master the fundamentals and basics, there’s plenty of room for personalized expression. To use an example, you may notice that no two paint-by-numbers paintings look the same. Even though each initial canvas looks identical, the outcomes are worlds apart based on: colors, textures, brush strokes, and the painting done outside of the lines. Dancing is similar to this because the first few dance steps all look identical … but when the wedding dance routine is completed, no two dances look the same. You put your own artistic expression into even the most basic of dance moves! Our Napa dance instructors understand and encourage that expression.

Why don’t you take a moment our Napa dance studio a call? (707) 819-3025 We’re very happy and eager to answer any questions you have about wedding dance. Ask about our free introductory lesson. Ask anything else that comes to mind. You’ll find we’re warm, friendly, patient, and eager to exceed your expectations.

As we like to say here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Napa,

The hardest step you’ll learn is the first one through our doors!