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If you’re looking to bring some excitement in your life, then look no further than taking a salsa & swing dance lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Napa!


For a limited time, we’re offering a free introductory dance lesson to new clients. If Salsa and Swing is a dance that has always appealed to you, then you can master the basics with one of our very own expert dance instructors. 

To take advantage of this limited time offer, please give our Napa location a call at  (707) 819-3024. We’re located on Vallejo Street in beautiful Napa, CA.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Napa is one of the many hundreds of Arthur Murray  named dance studios worldwide. We’re distinguished from the rest based on our skill, instruction expertise, passion, high standards, and the diversity of dance styles that we teach. As you know, Arthur Murray was a legend. We’re continuing his legacy by teaching dance to students across the globe. Many of our students who took their very first dance lesson at our studio went on to be famous, both locally and even nationally!


Free New Student Offer:



Salsa & Swing Dance Lessons

Salsa & Swing are dance methods that call out to many based on the excitement they bring. These dance styles are both fun to watch and perform, and they aren’t that hard to get started with!

They’re both passionate dances that typically involve the whole body in a very flexible and interactive routine between two partners. Swing dance was introduced as a response to Jazz Music beginning in the 1920’s. The dance is fast, bouncy, energizing, and incredibly fun. Often called the ‘jitterbug’ due to its fast and bouncy movements.

Swing dance has evolved since its inception to incorporate a widely growing musical variety. Its core concepts remain the same with slightly varied expression based on the beat, tempo, and progression of a song. Swing dance is easily adapted into most musical genres, though Jazz remains the heart of swing.

Origins of Salsa & Swing


Salsa dance originated much later in the 1970’s in New York alongside salsa music. It is an adaptation of the Caribbean dance methods mambo, cha-cha-cha, and the Puerto Rican bomba. Salsa, much like swing, is a whole body dance that, much like the food salsa, can be ‘spicy’ and ‘hot’. It’s a very passionate, romantic dance and requires two partners to take advantage of the range of movements. Some say that in salsa, the two dancers become one on the dance floor, which makes it great for an interactive date night with a romantic interest!

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio Napa, both Salsa & Swing are specialties of ours. We’ve taught these techniques to thousands of students over the years, and our instructors never get tired of watching two partners’ eyes light up as they grasp the fundamentals of the dance, master the basics, and perform successfully on the dance floor. 

Is Salsa & Swing a good introductory dance lesson?

We stress that no dance style is too advanced for someone to learn it as their first. Our Salsa and Swing dance lessons will cover the basics of both dance as a whole, dancing with a partner, and dancing to these two styles. We’ll cover the training and techniques every step of the way.

Our dance instructors are:

  • Passionate
  • Friendly
  • Trained in a variety of styles
  • Warm, caring, and patient
  • Hand-picked from thousands of dance instructors in the area for being the very best at what they do.

There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from picking up the phone and calling (707) 819-3024 right now to schedule your very own Salsa and Swing dance lesson. We are so confident that you’ll fall in love with these dances that you’ll be eager to schedule your follow-up lesson within a week or two!

As we say, the very hardest dance step is… the one through our door! You may be hesitant, perhaps a little shy, but those nerves will melt right off as you see how fun and friendly our staff is. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes on your first dance lesson! We’ve all been there – even Arthur Murray himself had to make his first mistakes to learn about the passion of dance that he followed through with for the rest of his life!

And finally, dancing can be very therapeutic, especially Salsa and Swing. We live in a fast-paced, high-stress, constantly-moving society. We build up so much tension and frustration, even if we don’t know it exists. Dance is like meditation … you’re focusing on something outside yourself; you’re giving in to the moment, you’re letting all of those worries and fears fall right off. This is why our dance instructors are so positive, up-beat, and friendly. They have mastered the meditation of dance in the form of Salsa and Swing, and they’re eager to show you how you too can improve the quality of your life through dance. 

Give Arthur Murray Dance Studio Napa a call - (707) 819-3024 – and ask us about our free introductory dance lessons. You won’t regret it. Remember, the hardest step is picking up the phone and walking through our door.