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Ballroom dance is perhaps the most iconic dance style around the world. With history of this dance dating as far back as the 1500’s, it has adapted itself into hundreds of different countries and cultures, and it is even the most competitive dance style. So why do you want to learn ballroom dance?


Before we explain a bit more about this dance style, we’d like to let you know of a limited time promotion going on. We’re currently offering a free introductory ballroom dance lesson for new students. That’s right, you can try out our world-famous ballroom dance lessons for yourself before you decide to commit to subsequent lessons! These introductory lessons are perfect for trying out one or more dance style, such as ballroom, swing, salsa, cha-cha, two-step, and more.

To schedule your lesson, give our Napa location a call at (707) 819-3024 to lock in your appointment. Spots are filling up fast, and we’ll be closing the doors on this free offer soon, so call today!

Our Dance Instructors

Perhaps the most nerving aspect of taking your very first ballroom dance lesson is between you the student and the instructor. Offering instruction is very much like a dance in itself; there must be a flow, a mutual connection, and the instructor must be adaptable to thousands of variables to expertly accommodate a wide variety of students and dance styles.


Free New Student Offer:


We have specifically selected each one of our ballroom dance instructors according to the following characteristics which make them worthy of the Arthur Murray name:

  1. Passionate – All of our instructors have a deeply rooted passion for dance and teaching. Not one of our dance teachers are in it ‘just because’ which you may find in other dance studios. They are the best at what they do, and it shows.
  2. Friendly & Patient – If you go to any other bargain dance studios, you won’t receive the quality, the commitment, the dedication and determination to make you a better dancer. This is perhaps the most vital aspect of a professional ballroom dance instructor; he or she must be patient and work with the personal rhythm of you the student. If you’re having a hard time grasping one concept, our instructors will take their time and show in in several other ways until it ‘clicks’. Conversely, if you’re blazing through the dance moves and show swift adoption of the dance styles, our instructors will work at your pace to ensure you reach ballroom dancing mastery in a shorter time frame. We’re not here to stretch out these lessons more than they need be!
  3. Diversity in Style – While many of our instructors have a proficiency in a handful of dances, all of our instructors are well-knowledgable in every major dance method. This is integral to accommodate the unique expression of eac of our students. For example, ballroom dancing at its most fundamental level remains the same throughout the world. However the artistic expression of ballroom dance differs depending on the culture, the personality of the dancer, and the emotion expressed. Simply put: You’ll learn the basics, and you’ll express them different than any other student we’ve had. Our instructors help make ballroom dance distinctly unique and personal to you; once you master the basics, you’ll possess a unique and special dance aptitude that no other has!

Doesn’t that sound exciting? Sure, Ballroom dance may look the same to the untrained eye, but we’ll empower you to embrace the dance and make it your own. That’s the big revelation you’ll discover as you progress through your dance instruction.

The History of Ballroom Dance


While its origins are believed to be in the 1500’s, it wasn’t until the 17th century that rules and structures were formulated to accommodate teaching the dance widely. Louis XIV created ‘five positions’ for the feet in his writings, Académie Royale de Musique et de Danse. It was around this time that ballroom dance and ballet were distinguished as being unique entities, with ballroom dance emphasizing the union between two partners and ballet dance being a personal expression and art form.

As mentioned above, ballroom dance is perhaps one of the most competitive dances in the world as it was established as a type of sport several centuries ago. These competitive traditions were carried through many cultures, countries, and languages. This style of competition is referred to as Dancesport regulated by the World Dance Council (WDC). Many of our new students begin their ballroom dance instruction through Arthur Murray Dance Studio Napa in hopes of participating in competitions by the WDC. When we hear that one of our students aspires to compete, we become overly excited and encouraging to that student and help them fulfill their dream!

Personalized Ballroom Dance Instruction

We don’t simply promote stale student teacher interactions; we encourage our instructors to be a pillar of hope and confidence in the hopes and dreams of each of our students. Think of it like a type of ‘dance family’ where, when you walk through our doors, you walk into a familiar, comfortable, and exciting place filled with unlimited potential.

We like making our dance instruction unique to each and every student. In fact, the dance methods we inspire and teach are as many as there are different personalities! That is because dance styles –including ballroom dance -  are forms of artistic expression.

The Other Benefits of Dance

Dancing is a form of therapy. Many of our students find an abundance of stress relief, fueled hopes, sparked dreams, and a passionate connection to life that they never had before. Dance is much like meditation; once you release yourself to the dance, you’re essentially giving up everything that held you back both mentally and emotionally. This invigorating ‘interactive meditation’ is effective at both providing a physical workout (Yes, it can be quite involved at time!) as well as offering an uplifting and emotional experience fit for men, women, children, and adults!

You’ll find other benefits of dancing as you progress through our dance instructions. We hear so many different exciting stories from each one of our students month by month as they progress in the world of ballroom dance.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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