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Spice Up Your Nightlife, with Dancing!

Looking to spice up your nightlife? Search no further! 

Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio you'll find an exciting place to let loose, and dance freely with or without a partner. 

Every night of the week, we keep it spicy with something new. With all of our changing group classes, and practice parties, you'll find vivacious new moves, and styles to try out everyday. Whether you're trying to plan the perfect date night of dancing, a solo night out, or finding a spot for your group of friends to boogie, you can always plan on coming to sweat it out on the dance floor at either one of our locations any night of the week. 

Napa Location Practice Parties- Every Wednesday & Friday at 8:30pm 

Santa Rosa Location Practice Parties- Every Tuesday & Thursday night at 8:30pm

Group classes are always happening before the practice parties in the evening, so be sure to get a monthly calendar of what's happening. 

See you there!