Medal Ball Highlights & Solos!

We're so happy to have shared such an amazing Saturday evening, with both our Napa & Santa Rosa students, and guests at Heavy Medal Ball. You guys all totally killed it!  The outfits we saw were almost as over-the-top fabulous as the dancing we laid eyes on.

Here are some highlights captured from Heavy Medal Ball. 

Emilie Solo

-Emilie, and her instructor Derek dazzle the crowd during her solo performance!


Alexandra &

- Jim Glo, and Instructor Alexandra looking sharp on the floor!


-Scott, and Pati boogie down with some cha cha! 

- Phillip's girlfriend, Troy, & Karl posing in their Heavy Medal Ball attire, before Troy's solo. 

If you didn't get a chance to present a solo performance, we will have plenty of upcoming opportunities, and time to get you prepared for one in the near-future.

Ask about our upcoming Solo-Extravaganza coming around in April! it's musical themed, so you can choose a dance number from one of your favorite musicals or movies.  

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Thanks everyone!