Festival Season is Here!


Celebrate your dance studio this Festival season!

Festival is happening across the globe right now for every Arthur Murray, and is a fun opportunity for us as a studio to compete against other studios and be awarded for our accomplishments. With the support shown by you, our growing student body, and our stellar dance instructors, we continue to be a further recognized studio in the Arthur Murray community.

Starting this week, whether you are a student in Napa or Santa Rosa, if you sponsor your dance instructor, perform a spotlight, bring a friend to a group class, and other activities, you will start earning points!

With these points, you will gain a chance to win cool prizes and awesome freebies!

There are different levels of sponsorship to choose from. Check with your instructor or studio manager to help you pick which one is best for you.

Make sure to pick up a Festival Flyer to check out the dates, and party themes at your studio. 

We appreciate you showing your spirit in supporting our team, and the love we have for ballroom dance!