Top 10 Dance Resolutions for 2018! 

Napa and Santa Rosa Dance Lessons

Welcoming in the New Year has been a lot of fun! We have already heard so many inspiring dance resolutions and goals being set by our students and teachers..

Making those resolutions is all part of the necessary process to really stretch forward, so we picked out the top 10 ones we love. The difficulty ranges, but we think you can handle it.

1.) Get a Friend to Join a Dance Class With You. 

Sometimes, it's hard to find the energy and motivate yourself to come to a group class. If you have a friend who can hold you accountable (or possibly drag you off of the couch if needed) it will be something you will thank them for later. Plus, it’s always fun when you can practice those new moves you learned together!


2.) Try a New Style of Dance. 

There are tons of dances out there you can choose from. Many of them you may not have heard of before, but would only fall in love with if you knew. Now is the time to find out what your heart enjoys. Paso Doble, anyone?


3.) Do a Solo Piece. 

Put together a solo routine that you feel confident about, even if it’s only a minute long! Practice, record yourself & maybe if you’re feeling extra bold, post it for your friends to see! Show it off to your dance classmates, and teachers. You’ll look back and be happy you did, and you’ll dazzle everyone with your hard work. 


4.) Get Certified. 

For example, the Bronze American Style Ballroom certification, which includes: Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, and Viennese Waltz. If you’re already working on it it, why not take the test, and make it official? Plus, you’ll earn major bragging points! 


5.) Go to More Dance Parties. 

Dance parties are the number one youth medicine, it’s a fact. Our practice parties are a perfect start, where you can let loose and show off those moves you learned in class. You will have the chance to dance with several professional instructors, gaining extra expertise. 


6.) Get Involved in Events.

Search your local event listings to find clubs or shows that sound appealing to you, and get out there! Our staff will always have a recommendation for upcoming events you will want to check out, so don’t forget to ask them. 


7.) Go to your First Dance Competition.

No matter what your skill level may be, there are alway opportunities for you to showcase your talent in an event. Competing is a really good time, and usually not as scary as you think.


8.) Plan out a Dance Budget

It’s easy to blow all of your fun money on eating out or buying too many furry throw blankets. Whatever your weakness may be, take time to set aside a budget for dancing that works for you so you aren’t spending all your fun-dough on things that could never benefit you as much as dancing. 


9.) Up Your Practice Time & Set Reminders. 

Set more time aside to practice what you’re learning, either in the studio or at home in front of a mirror. It will help speed along your progress, so we can graduate you into a new dance level faster. Setting reminders on your cell phone makes a huge difference, and we highly recommend it. 


10.) Think Positive Thoughts/ Give Yourself Compliments. 

Use self-talk to give yourself an extra boost of confidence. We cannot say how many of our new students will tell us, “ I can’t dance” or “I have two left feet”.  Everyone has to start somewhere, and having the confidence in your own ability will help you learn more quickly. Letting the pressure off of your shoulders and having fun always looks so much better on the dance floor. After all, having a good time is what its all about!

We hope this helps you set some awesome goals for yourself this year. 

We love our students and we are loving the energy they are bringing into 2018 already! Let's keep it up!