5 Tips for the Wedding Dance.

Couples First Dance.

For every parent, in-law, and dearly beloved, let your dance be a memorable moment for all to see, with our help every deliberate step of the way.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time to Take Lessons- Too many leave their planning of the first dance until the last week or two before the big day, then awake in the middle of the night with horror remembering they don't have a song, let alone the slightest clue what to do with their hands of feet during one. We help couples who run into that situation, but it's better to save yourself the stress, and also premature wrinkles by giving yourself enough time (six to eight weeks) to condition and practice.

2.) Music-  Selecting your song is always the fun part. What kind of vibe do you want to bring to your wedding that reflects your burning love for one another? Either you have a song you immediately know is yours, spend time trading ideas until you come to an agreement, or ask recommendations from us. Our instructors will help you put your options on the table, whatever your thinking. Some of our students just come to us with a style of dance in mind, and no song, and that is perfectly wonderful.

3.) The Dress- Does your dress include a veil or other limitations? Keeping in mind the steps, spins, and dips you’ll make on your wedding night whilst in your wedding groove. If your wedding dress is long or has a train, bustle it, so you won't take a spill. We wouldn't want that for you!

4.) The Shoes- Wear shoes that are comfortable for dancing. If you aren't used to high heels, wear lower heels or flats. A new trend we've even seen brides doing recently, is opting for TOMS or Chuck Taylors instead of heels. Not saying you have to follow the trend, but hey, be comfortable! It's your day, and if you're stepping out on your wedding day like a baby fawn, dancing might get kind of terrifying. 

5.) Photography/Video- Make sure you have plenty of assigned photographers and cinematographers to capture your sweet moves and perfect moments together on the dance floor. If any night is a night worth remembering, it's this one. Your dance could make it onto a dvd, a famous youtube channel, or a dance blog and become a viral sensation.. only if thats what you want, naturally! 

Ensure your special day is as heavenly, and elegant as your dreams, and tell us all about your wedding asap. What you're thinking, what your vision is, where are you going on vacation, can we come with you? No, but we love all the details and ideas, and warm fuzzies our Wedding Couples bring into the studio. Let us help you get started today!