What an incredible Showcase journey we took this weekend.

It could not have been more amazing! Having the opportunity to dance with our students in their flapper/20's attire, and see them shine through the countless heats, made us oh so proud. Of course, everyone felt a little bit nervous at the beginning, but as we got on the floor we soon saw that all melt away. Through their performances we watched the excitement build, by the time the night was over, everyone wanted to keep dancing!

We really saw the difference it made to our students at Arthur Murray's, and how it brought out a new found confidence in each of them. Here are some highlights from our weekend!

Alexandra, Isa, Jeff and Joanne.

Alexandra, Isa, Jeff and Joanne.

Isa, Jeff, and Joanne.

Isa, Jeff, and Joanne.

Derek, and Portia.

Derek, and Portia.

Raphael, and Trish.

Raphael, and Trish.

Heidi, and Portia.

Heidi, and Portia.

Staff winners of the Jack and Jill competition, Alexandra from Santa Rosa came in 3rd!

Staff winners of the Jack and Jill competition, Alexandra from Santa Rosa came in 3rd!

After this weekend is over, we are truly looking forward to the next Freestyle Showcase coming around September 15th-16th. 

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🎸Heavy Medal Ball: What it's all about & WHAT TO WEAR ⚡️

Heavy Medal Ball

Come February 10th, Arthur Murray Santa Rosa will be holding our biannual Heavy Medal Ball

For those who haven't heard of Medal Ball, it's a super exciting event where Students & Instructors will rock the dance floor in multiple heats, and present dazzling solo performances for a special guest judge.

Attendees will enjoy a beautiful night of dancing, catered food, and yummy cocktails!

Tickets for Arthur Murray Students to participate are $45. 

Visitors are welcome to attend, and may purchase a spectator's ticket for $20. 

Basic participation options are the following : 

  • 6 Freestyle Heats of their choice

  • 3 Freestyle Heats and 1 Solo Routine 

  • 2 Solo Routines. 

  • *Each student may dance up to 4 heats with their Main Teacher and up to 2 Heats with another teacher of their own choice.  

Ala Carte Add On's are available as the following:

  • Amateur 3 Dance- EC Swing, Rumba, & Salsa  ($10) 

  •  4 Additional International Freestyle Heats ($15)

  • Dress Attire: The theme is Heavy Medal Ball, so any variation of formal blended with rock n roll will do just perfectly.  Here are  3 options you may choose from to make it easier :) 

1.) Heavy Medal Hardcore- Acid washed dress, heavy eyeliner, leather gloves, ripped jeans, teased hair.

2.) Heavy Medal Fancy - Business/ Dressy casual, with a dark edge.

3.) Just Fancy - Mid Length dress for women, and business casual for men. 


Time & Place:

Saturday, February 10th 2018, 5:00pm

Arthur Murray Santa Rosa

415 Davis Street, Santa Rosa, CA 

Conveniently located in Rail Road Square

Reserve your spot, and be sure to let a staff member know as soon as possible if you're thinking of attending.

We look forward to rockin’ out with you at Heavy Medal Ball!! 🎸💃🏻

5 Things dancers do every morning! 

5 Things dancers do every morning! 

  1. Move: You get up each day and stretch out and maybe even try a pirouette or some arm-styling in the mirror.

  2. Dress to dance: You plan your outfit around what you can dance in. You swish and shimmy, making sure you can lift your arms and take a good stride.

  3. Eat for energy: As a dancer its important to eat for energy so you are conscious of this as you eat breakfast and plan your lunch.

  4. Check your studio calendar: You are on a need-to-know-basis about which classes are going on today. You also double check your private lesson appointment time.

  5. Listen to Music: You are always listening to music because it makes you feel more alive. Even if it the first tune you jam to is as you drive to work, a good song invigorates you at least once a day.