Your Body & Brain On Dance

How often are you dancing?

Whether you’re young or old, making dance a daily habit is actually super good for you!

Brain Health

Through practicing the art of dance, you will not only greatly improve your physical health, but your mental health as well. Studies show dancers have greater strength, flexibility endurance, and balance. Ultimately, it’s not just a workout that improves your body, but your mind too.

Did you know that dancing 30 minutes a day increases your brain function, and supports better emotional health? On a variety of levels, dancing improves cognitive function, and increases your muscle memory. Having to think quick on your feet while combining rigorous exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which sends information more quickly, creating new neural pathways. This process over time, improves our overall mental capacity, and general well being in our day to day live.  Dancing naturally helps us to reduces stress levels, and symptoms of depression. Looking for more joy in your life? Just dance! 

We've teamed up with Alzheimers Association, whose studies have found that frequent participation in ballroom dance showed a 75% risk reduction of dementia.

Our goal is to spread awareness of the beauty, and benefits of dance with the world.

The motto, You + More Dancing =Ultimate brain power & ultimate super-human skills!



Top 5 Benefits of Doing a Solo.

Maybe you've been dreaming about performing a solo, or have been giving it extra thought recently. Right now is a perfect time to piece together all of those skills you've acquired, and have some fun getting extra creative. With solo extravaganza being right around the corner (April 20th in Napa, 21st in Santa Rosa), trust us when we tell you, performing a solo will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.


Whether you're nervous or excited, here are the top 5 benefits we see our students gain from presenting a solo:

1. You'll See Yourself Improve- As you progress as a dancer, you definitely want to showcase your talents. What's the point of having a skill, if you never get to show the world, let alone a room full of people. Any chance to shine and stretch as a performer, gives yourself a valuable gauge on where you are, and how to progress. 

2. You'll Develop Your Style-  Focus on frame, posture, and head position. Working on a routine gives you the time you need to add flare, and spice up your moves. If there was ever a time to be over the top, it's now. 

3. You'll Build Your Confidence- Sharing all your hard work with others, will build your confidence as a dancer tremendously! Preparing for this event will help you understand where you are, where you're going, and how to improve to get there. Think about it as more of challenge for yourself and less of a competition with others, and you'll only build your confidence up. 

4. You'll Become Healthier Both Physically and Mentally- We can physically challenge ourselves to exercise, and eat better. A healthy body yields a healthy spirit, and a happier lifestyle. We are also able to challenge ourselves mentally by taking part in competitions that will test our skills

5. You'll Gain a New Experience and Have More Fun- The truth is, it's easy to do the same old thing. But, why not challenge ourselves to try new things and gain new experiences? Like learning how to ballroom dance, bachata, or take part in competitions. That way we meet new people, learn more, have more fun, improve our skills and grow as a person.

Now you know the formula, you + dance solos = an ultimately better life! We hope you feel inspired to start thinking about a routine you'd like to do for Solo Extravaganza. 

Be sure you ask your dance instructor to help you get started at your next lesson.