What exactly makes this “Latin Love Dance” dance so popular?


A Rumba is an International Latin dance style. One, that is counted in a 4/4 meter. Typically, to a slow Latin Ballad, and is referred to by most as “The Latin Love Dance.”

There are two sources of the dances: one Spanish and the other African. Although the main growth was in Cuba, there were similar dance developments which took place in other Caribbean islands and in Latin America generally. 

As Rumba rose to its popularity during the 16th Century, clubs and ballrooms across Latin America, were filled with boys and girls, all learning this fiery new dance. Although still a purely folkloric genre, numerous innovations have been introduced to Rumba since the mid 19th century, including new styles such as “Batá Rumba” and “Guarapachangueo.”

Originally, "Rumba" was used as a synonym for "Party" in northern Cuba and by the end of the century, it was used to denote the complex of secular music styles known as Cuban Rumba.

In the end, the fundamentals of Rumba continue to be passed on and learned by new students each day!

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AuthorSara Rose