The Napa Team


Do you know these people? If you don’t know them yet, you should!

These are the highly-skilled, wonderfully talented people that comprise our thriving studio in Napa.

If you are a student with us you may already know them very well, but if not here’s your chance to get to know them a little better.

Starting left to right:

Ravin (Dance Instructor)- Ravin, started as a musician before he became a dancer. He loves to teach new students. In addition to his impeccable rhythm and timing, he is excellent at teaching how to become more animated with your dancing to put on a great performance.

Chelsea (Dance instructor)- Our lovely instructor Chelsea, started dancing as a classically trained ballerina, and taught ballet for many years before finding her love for Ballroom. Graceful, elegant, and cheerful, Chelsea specializes in teaching wedding couples, and styling lessons.

Elisha (Executive Administrative Assistant)- Elisha, is one of the few friendly voices you can always count on hearing through our phone. She takes care of all student scheduling, student questions, and when we’re lucky, graces us with a performance of her opera style singing.

Madrid ( Dance Instructor)- Madrid, began his dancing career in theater, and acting before finding his passion for Ballroom dance, and latin styles. If you’re looking to work up a good sweat by dancing a fast-paced rhythm or latin style, then Madrid is your guy!

Natalie (New Student Director)- Natalie, like our instructor Chelsea, is also a classically trained ballet dancer. Before coming to Napa and becoming a competitive Ballroom dancer, she worked at the Arthur Murray Studio in Freemont. Whether a students need help with their membership or has questions about their program she has all of the answers & solutions.

Cara (New Student Director) - Cara, staring dancing with Arthur Murray when she was 17, and was then forever hooked. She can answer any questions about packaged, competition events, or going away on a dance vacation.

Cory (Executive Dance Instructor/ Supervisor) - Cory, began dancing Swing & Lindy hop, then started teaching at Arthur Murray in Santa Rosa, where he started dancing on a highly competitive level. If you have questions about competing, or graduating onto the next Bronze or Silver level, he is your go-to person for that.

Emily (Dance Instructor)- Emily, is our bubbly, energizer-bunny dance instructor. She brings her high energy, and sunshine to the studio all day & night. If you're looking to work up a good sweat and challenge yourself, on your dance lesson, then she is the instructor for you.

Sara (Office Manager)- If you are a new student who wants to know how to get started or have questions about what the dance programs we offer entail, then you’ll speak to Sara. She can answer all of your questions, from big to small.

Xander (Dance Instructor)- Before joining our team, Xander was a student with us at Arthur Murray Napa since we first opened our doors here. His passion and dedication for ballroom dancing is infectious and continues to wow us.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our Napa Arthur Murray Team!

Stop by our studio and get to know them yourself, we’re at 929 Vallejo Street, Napa CA, 94558.

AuthorSara Rose