“Cut the Apple!”

This shout signaled first steps to the Big Apple Dance, popularized in Columbia, South Carolina, during the 1930s by Arthur Murray teachers. This group dance became so popular and so big, literally, that night clubs across the country had to ban it after second-floor and balcony dance floors collapsed due to an overload of weight.

Much like the alcohol prohibition, though, this only made the dance more notorious for its fun-giving attributes. And it is what ultimately lead the Arthur Murray Dance Studios to international fame, with studios franchising all across the continents, including.Australia, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

The Big Apple Dance has been featured in numerous American Films during the 1930s as well as the 2010 movie named, “Dancing the Big Apple 1937.”

The Big Apple Dance includes many fundamental dance steps such as swing, jazz, and the tango. And what better way to master these and incorporate them into your own dance routine, and add to your level of creativity than to learn from a master?

Our award-winning Arthur Murray teachers will ensure that you have the best and most fun experience in Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Stop on by. We’d love to meet you, and to help boost your dancing skills while having a blast!

Oh, and our dancing area is only on one floor. So, our daily group dances and party sessions, on Wednesday and Friday nights @ 8:30PM, can be as massive as possible. Join the fun!

AuthorKyle Carvajal