We’re starting to see everyone preparing for Medal Ball. Being just two short weeks away, we are all getting really excited to see what happens. If you haven’t already heard, this year our themes will be different for Napa and Santa Rosa. We figured that double the themes + double the costumes + double the parties = double the fun ! It doesn’t matter where you normally take your lessons, at one studio or the other, we invite you to come and meet some new faces! So mark your calendars and plan to dance on these following dates:

February 8th at 6:00pm Napa Medal Ball


February 9th at 6:00pm Santa Rosa Medal Ball

If you haven’t yet head what our themes will be, read about them below.

Napa, Great Gatsby. Jump in a time machine back to the roaring 20’s. Wear a Sequined flapper dress or skit. For men, black and white colored suits and slicked over hair.

Santa Rosa, Havana Nights Medal Ball. Think fedoras, Cuban style shirts, ruffled dresses, bold colors, and floral prints, and of course lots of cuban motion!

If you haven’t boughten your ticket yet, it’s still not too late!

Sign up at your Arthur Murray’s front desk or contact us directly!

AuthorSara Rose