Ice cream is happiness condensed.

Our dancing is better than ice cream... but we’re gonna dance, and eat ice cream so thats the best of both worlds!

Join us tonight at our Napa location, for an Ice Cream Social Party!! 

Group Rumba class starts at 7pm, and party starts at 8:30pm

Bring your appetite for dancing & ice cream!

If you are a student, and if you are new come on by and check us out.

This event is open to the public & all AM students. 


Read on to hear how the flavors of ice cream compare to our favorite dances

Foxtrot= Vanilla: Classic & sophisticated, everyone enjoys it.

Rumba= Strawberry: Sweet & exotic, with cuteness all the way.

Tango= Dark Chocolate Fudge: Rich & sensual, the perfect combo to spoon feed your date. 

Merengue= Rainbow Sherbet: Fun & lively, you get island vibes all the way with this tropical pair. 

AuthorSara Rose