The Napa Wedding Guide.

The first dance, a moment all newlyweds remember together forever.  In order to have a fond memory of that dance, there are a few things to keep in mind while you prepare your dance skills, or choreography. 

With a little guidance, our expertise can guide you to have the dance you've always wanted.

We had a chance to gain some insight from a few of our in house pros to gather these helpful do's and dont's. 

How soon should newlyweds start their dance lessons before the date?

Do: Start taking them 3-6 months prior to the wedding.

Don't: Wait until the week of, bad idea. 

How do I pick the right song? 

Do: Pick a song that you both agree on. 

Don't: Make the track too long, keep it 90 seconds or less. Your instructor can help you cut the song to perfection. 

How big of a dance floor do we need?

Do: Measure the length of the floor space you will be dancing on.

Don't: Practice in a space that isn't too small or too big, try to find a space close to the size of the floor you'll be on. 

What's so great about having a professional dance instructor to help, is that we remind our wedding couples to not only focus on their first dance, but their social dancing skills as well, since there will be a lot of it following the ceremony. Additionally, there is the mother-son and father-daughter dance, so when you really think about it there is a lot of room for practice and preparation.

We hope this helps! 

For more information, you can either call or sign up online to start your dancing journey with us!


AuthorCara Recine