looking for a dance partner?

No Partner Necessary.

Don't have a dance partner? Never worry!

Finding someone that shares your passion for ballroom dance is easy with Arthur Murray! 

Often times we first connect with our students, they ask if they need a partner to start lessons. 

Our reply is no, the great thing about coming to us is we provide one for you.

From group classes to private lessons, and practice parties, it is always perfectly okay for you to arrive solo.  Our instructors will be there every step of the way to help you progress, and grow towards your goals.  

The moment you step in the studio, you have a space to meet new dancing partners, and friends. As you transform into a proficient dancer, and find others to do it with you will find that at our practice parties and group lessons give you the opportunity to dance with different people,  in different dance levels, from beginner to advanced.

Don't wait to pursue your dream of ballroom dancing. Come meet our amazing community of passionate ballroom dancers, and sign up for your first lesson today. 

AuthorSara Rose