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Ever wonder what dance was made for you? Well now is your time to find out, the stars have spoken!

See which ballroom style is your best match based on your astrological sign!

Aries: You’re energetic, confident, and dynamic. Naturally, you are an upbeat individual, who would rather be in spotlight than a spectator, making your inner dancer a perfect match for the spicy latin dance, Salsa!

Taurus: Many who know you, would say that you are patient, and persistent. You take your time with things, and know what you like, and will refuse to settle. You have a knack for the finer things, which makes Waltz the perfect dance for you.

Gemini: Youthful, and lively. You have a natural ability to adapt to any scenario, making you quick on your feet. Also, being a fun and sociable butterfly, everyone knows the party only starts when you walk in. Quickstep, obviously is your calling.

Cancer: Some would say you can be a bit emotional at times, dare we go as far to say, moody? Don’t let that bother you. Moodiness is just what it takes to be a passionate fabulous Tango queen/ or king. Being the dance of love & hate, moodiness cannot be left out here.

Leo: As the sign of the lion, you have a royal air about you. You are opinionated and headstrong, and love being in the limelight. When you hear your song come on, your go to style should always be, Samba.

Virgo: You are modest, witty, and well spoken. You also tend to lean more on the analytical side. As a modest introvert, Foxtrot will be your best friend on the floor.

Libra: Romantic charm, paired with a flirtatious plumage, makes you an excellent dancer. You’ll have your best luck dancing a sultry Rumba.

Scorpio: Naturally, you area quite passionate and brave individual. Being so observant, and dynamic along with your other special traits, makes you a perfect candidate to master the dance, Zouk.

Sagittarius: With a jovial nature such as yours, and your all around good humor, you will have the most fun while dancing, Swing!

Capricorn: You are practical and ambitious. Your reserved manner, and discipline, are key components when captivating the air of a perfect Vienesse Waltz.

Aquarius: Honest, inventive, friendly, and a humanitarian. Whats not to love about you? Have a blast being unpredictable with your dance partner, and cut a rug or two while dancing Jive.

Pisces: You carry an artistic nature about you. Your keen musicality sense, along with being able to maintain a rhythm, is something that will serve your sign in particular very well dancing Cha- Cha.

We hope this helps you feel more connected to your inner dancer.

Share your sign with your instructor on your next lesson, they may even share with you, your future dance fortune.

AuthorSara Rose