Fall in Love Couples

Stuck in the same routine? Could dance be the new couples-therapy? We think so..

Dance your way to a happier marriage, and build a stronger relationship with each another.

5 Things Dancing Teaches You in Love:

Trust: Learn to trust your partner to lead or follow is an important aspect when dancing. Without trust, theres no confidence to move how you want together. You need each other, and you need trust.

Listening: Active listening is vital. This is a skill that takes great practice to get good at. In dance, you must focus both mentally and physically with your partner.

Romance: There’s no better thing than holding each other close, and moving to your favorite song together. It’s little acts of love like this, that will keep you close forever, dancing in the rain, dancing in the kitchen, dancing in the middle of a restaurant, all it takes is the know-how. You can make those moments you see only in movies your own reality.

Communication: We don’t realize how powerful dance is, for building our communication skills. It’s not so much music driven, as it is body, mind, and soul driven. Learn to speak the language of dance with each another, and you’ll see it will help you tune into what the other person wants.

Fun: Make mistakes, laugh with each other, it’s ok! Sometimes we forget to have fun, and get caught up in being perfect. The best part about dancing is letting go. Sometimes you step on the others toes, but not in the way you normally would pent up at home.

AuthorSara Rose