Do you hear those sleigh bells ringing? It’s this time of year that fills us up with holiday cheer, and makes us want to move our dancing feet. Do you hear the sound of Christmas music in the air all around? We love it so much, we will literally dance anywhere we hear music playing. Because, shouldn’t everyone? The world would be a much happier place if more people were dancing in the streets, or while waiting in line. If you care to join us in the holiday spirit, and spread the joys of ballroom…

Here are our favorite 12 places we love to dance during the holiday season!

The Mall - Shopping is fun and all, but have you tried dancing in your new shoes before you leave the store?

The Grocery Store- Stop to waltz in the wine section while you decide which is best for your holiday party.

Tree Farm - Foxtrot around each tree, down every row till you find the perfect one.

In the Snow- Make a snow angel after you polka through the powder, the frost won’t bite when you’re dancing up a sweat.

By the Fireplace- Tango by the fire place, is anything more romantic?

At a Holiday Party- Show off your moves, and wow your coworkers with your ballroom skills.

Over a Family Dinner- Grab your husband, grab your kids, dance around the table till you’re ready for seconds!

New Years Eve Party- Ring in the new year properly, shaking off the past year with epic dancing!

Town Square- Create your own spotlight in the middle of a crowd. Give the people what they want!

At the Airport- You never should be bored at the airport waiting for a flight.

In the Great Outdoors- Find yourself in the woods? On a hike? Camping with family? Turn on some tunes, and stop to have a dance.

By the Christmas Tree- The song Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree makes for a great swing or country 2-step, just sayin’.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio!!!- This is a favorite, obviously.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is dancing more for all to see!

We hope you feel the joy this holiday season, and dance more with us!


Your Arthur Murray Dance Fam.

AuthorSara Rose