In spirit of Halloween, we thought we’d share with you some of the spookiest, scariest, things about ballroom dancing we can think of. Most of us can say that we, too have faced these same fears at one time or another.

6 of the spookiest things about Ballroom Dance

6.) Fear of Performance

All eyes on you, clinging to your every movement, watching you dance; that can be a scary place. Just the thought of a crowd watching you can be spooky. Especially in those moments, leading up to a big solo performance, or competition, it can certainly be nerve-wracking. Most students always find that after they take the plunge a few times, the thought of people watching you becomes less scary, and they find more confidence performing over time.

5.) Fear of Messing Up

Slipping on your ballgown, or tripping on your partners toes? Oh no! The fear of messing up is far too much to handle! But don’t let that hold you back, not even for a second! Be brave, be confident! Go out there, and even if you slip or trip, smile bigger & keep dancing. If you can do that, no one will even think twice about it.

4.) Fear of Not Meeting Your Goal

Often, we have students set dance goals for themselves. We encourage them to reach for the moon, whether that be participating in a competition, or testing into the next level, we always want to see them progressing. This is where we find the fear of not meeting those goals. But you know what they say, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”.

3.) Fear of Comparison

“I’m not as good as he/she is.” - It’s natural to compare yourself to other dancers you see on the floor. What you want to take away, is what you wish to gain/work on, and not focus on what you lack. Everyone starts with different skills and abilities. Although, it may seem like some of the dancers you see on “Dancing with the Stars” or at professional competitions are doing things you can’t do yet, the only difference is the amount of time you invest. You too can get there one day!

2.) Fear of Letting Go

We sometimes run into men and women who have a day job that make them fear that dancing is too out of character for them. They carry a predisposition from how they are told to act or behave in their career (police officer, lawyer, etc). We think everyone deserves a chance to shine, and discover their inner dancer. Learning to let go of your job role and outside factors, is something we want you to feel like you can do every time you stroll into the studio.

1.) Fear of Dancing with Others

Dancing with someone else can be an intimate, also intimidating thing. You share close space, that you normally wouldn’t share with people on an average basis. Getting up close, and taking on the responsibility as a lead or follow, is enough to make anyones palms sweat. Learning to trust your partner is something we teach you to do, that way you can dance with anyone, anytime, anyplace!

We wish you a Happy Halloween this year, and hope you feel more prepared going into your dance future with more confidence, and little to no fears of ballroom dancing.


Your Arthur Murray Dance Fam.

AuthorCara Recine