These two rocked their performance last night at the #livecommunity festival party!

Napa Dance Lessons

Dancing with the Stars and Stripes winners!!! Encore  Edition

Colette and Rafael swept the recent competition to benefit the Veterans memorial fund in Santa Rosa

Want to be a champion too? Here are the keys to their success:

1: Dedication

Despite Collette's rigorous schedule as the loving mother of two kids, and her role as the Director of the wildly successful Sonoma County Children's museums, she found time to take between 2-4 dance lessons per week over the past few months. Collette maintained a rockstar schedule while training with Arthur Murray Santa Rosa! 

Collette's teacher Rafael also manages a busy competitive schedule, as he just returned from a dance competition in Vancouver, Canada with his professional partner Isamar Rios. Even with a busy professional training and teaching schedule, Rafael found the time to dedicate and put his heart and soul into this Veterans fundraiser event.

The take-away: No matter what scheduling obstacles you face, there is always a way to accomplish your goals. Reframing your mentality on your time makes all of the difference. Dancing gives you time for yourself, so when its time for you, choose dancing! Carve time out for yourself and your passions, this choice will pay dividends in your happiness and sense of accomplishment. 

#no excuses!

2: Heart and soul

Collette: The tenacity of a warrior and the heart of a tiger gave Collette's Tango performance the edge that pushed it to the top. In getting to know Colette, we discovered that she had an inner dancer just waiting to be unleashed. When we met, she explained that for 10 plus years she had this desire to unleash this fierce inner dance goddess but hadn't given herself the permission, due to work and family life. We are so glad she finally let it out! 

Rafael: Inner strength and undying artistic vision give all of Rafael's projects that magic touch. As Rafael often says, "We create our own reality.” To learn to dance from Rafael is to learn of way of living. His approach encompasses mindset, mantras, and magic, of course. His fearless approach to dancing inspires all around him to unleash their inner artist. 

3. The take-away:

Be you, unapologetically. We all have an artist inside just waiting to be set free. Listen to the voice inside that urges you to get up and dance when your favorite song comes on the radio, because life is too short to wait to release your inner passion. So get out there, and let your light shine! Don't be afraid to start a wildly artistic dance project. Its never too late to give yourself the gift of music, movement, and dancing. 

4. Cross-training

Collette started her journey here at Arthur Murray Santa Rosa with her Tango routine, but quickly learned that by diversifying her studies she was able to not only invigorate her Tango, but also become a more well-rounded dancer. Collette took up many of the other social dances and found that it was a good mental break for her, while helping push her competitive routine.

Rafael came to Arthur Murray Santa Rosa with a strong background in all dances Latin but he challenges himself to learn Smooth and International. Rafael continues to be passionate about all forms of dance and pursues each dance with equal vigor.

5. Lastly life lessons

Many times students ask us if they should just learn one dance at a time, and the answer is usually “no”. If you learn multiple things and just prioritize favorites, (majors and minors as we call them) you will have a lot more fun and greater ease of learning. 

AuthorCara Recine