Its more than just dancing. 

Its more than just dancing. 

Today at the front desk, a student who was just finishing up her Discovery program took some time to gush about her experience. 

“Thank you so much” she said, “It really is more than just dancing, its the whole experience!”

Its true! Our mission has always been to change lives through dancing, so we seek to help you have an experience beyond just dancing each time you are here. In fact, this is why we start by having new students fill out a benefit sheet. This little homework item lists the top 20 benefits people have found they get out of learning to dance aside from the obvious - Learning to dance! 

So here they are in no particular order:

1. More fun and enjoyment out of social life

2. Increased self-confidence

3. Meeting people and making new friends

4. Better health and physical benefits

5. Social Ease

6. Exercise

7. Make a special person happy

8. Enjoying and attending more parties

9. Business reasons

10. Acquiring more grace and poise

11. Stand out on the dance floor

12. Overcome shyness

13. Relieve Stress

14. Never again say “no” to a dance invitation

15. Recreation or entertainment

16. Relaxation

17. Competition Dancing

18. Artistic expression and/or love of dance

19. Sense of achievement 

20. Other

Which are your top 5 benefits?

Whether you want to make a special person happy, or want to branch out on your own and overcome shyness, dancing is a great choice to accomplish personal goals as well as dance goals!

So come on in! No partner necessary! Contact us for a Free Private Lesson!

AuthorCara Recine