So have you noticed its the New Year?

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So have you noticed its the New Year?

Lets ring 2016 in right by being our best selves this year. We have a million resolutions and goals of course but one thing that I’d like us all to resolve is to be present in the moment. I know you have heard this before and we all agree it seems like a good idea but how to we do it and how to we apply it to dancing?

Well for starters always remember these things: 

Its not a race to the finish. I.E. don’t try to get to the end of your Bronze 3 too fast or other medal you’re working on. Focus on the details, how it feels, what techniques you are working on, and listening to the music. 

It really is about the Journey, for seriously. In the end you will remember how it felt when you got out in front of a bunch of your dance friends and nailed the performance you have been practicing for weeks. Or you’ll have fond memories of the first time you were able to dance all the way through a fast cha cha at a practice party and didn’t miss a beat! Cultivate an awareness of the daily triumphs vs. thinking about a distant point in the future.

Its not a contest. Focus on you, not on other people. Sometimes we worry about those next to us, thinking does their cuban motion look more seamless? Are their dance shoes more sparkly, or the dread-loathe, is he or she more fit that me? Thinking about these things only distracts from focusing on and nurturing your own strengths. We have a natural tendency to compare ourselves to others, but instead try comparing your current self to your best self. What would the best version of you do, at any given time? 

Don’t worry about remembering everything you learn. You will remember what you are supposed to remember. Students regularly say they can’t remember anything from a lesson, and I always ask them to tell me what they do remember rather than what they don’t. Unless you have true life amnesia you do remember some things just not everything. Focus on the things you remember; those things are the bits of information from the class that applied to you in the moment. You'll remember what is pertinent to you right now. You may take the same class next week and something else will strike you as memorable. Its those things that you should focus on, not fretting about what went in one ear and out the other. Let that stuff go, it will come to you again when you are ready. 

Set goals that involve being present. Some goals I would like to see people going for are: feeling good in your own skin, seeing the beauty yourselves and others. Speaking to the good in others rather than the insecurity. Nothing breaks my heart more than when a new students gets discouraged by more experienced students. I know you would never intend to discourage anyone, but they are delicate flowers so make sure to encourage rather than critique. Cheer others on it will make you feel good to lift them up!

So in conclusion lets resolve to love ourselves and others this year. To pursue the happiness that ensues from dancing vs. worrying about whether or not you have entirely mastered the Banquera Opening. Your teachers will set concrete goals for you so you don’t have to think of those, but only you can set and accomplish mindfulness goals. 

People tell me all the time we have the nicest students and staff and its one of the things I am most grateful for! When we walk into the studio the people are glowing example of community and positive purpose. I am so grateful for all of you and can’t wait to spend another year with the brightness that is you!! 

AuthorCara Recine