San Jose Showcase! The Perfect Staycation Opportunity!

San Jose Showcase! The Perfect Staycation Opportunity!

Thinking about going to the San Jose Freestyle Showcase?

Well, let me give you the top 3 reasons to go!

1) A great staycation in the beginning of Spring! If you feel like stepping outside of your daily routine and doing something glamorous and spectacular then this is the event for you. You don't even have to travel to the French Rivera to do it! All you have to do is sign up at your local Arthur Murray to participate in the San Jose Showcase event! The Freestyle showcase offers three options: The two day Weekend event, or Saturday or Sunday separately. So whether you have time for all or part of the event, it's a great way to get your glamour on and enjoy a spectacular event right in our own corner of the world!

2) Anyone can participate! Sometimes you think you may not be ready for a competition-like event, but the Freestyle showcase has entry opportunity for all levels. This means that you get to get your jitters out in our newcomer division if it's your very first time. You won’t feel any less nervous if you wait until the next opportunity, so dive right in and get the nerves behind you! Additionally, since all levels can attend its a great opportunity to see all the levels up from where you are and visualize what your dancing may look like in the journey ahead!

3) Goal Setting! Setting goals is a great way to accelerate your learning and progress. Having a goal in the near future can help you break out of your learning cycle and charge ahead! The San Jose Freestyle Showcase is March 12th and 13th, so it a great short-term goal to help give you a little boost in your focus. Choose some of your favorite dances to fine tune, and some of your dances that need a little work to give a quick overhaul and then enter to dance them all several times at the Showcase! You’ll have fun, feel more accomplished and be able make and meet a goal which is always a spectacular feeling! 

So what are you waiting for,? ask your teacher for more information or inquire at the front desk and we will get you on your way to your All-level, Staycation, Goal Setting opportunity!

You can also check out this handy guide put out by the organizers of the event:

Showcase Guide

AuthorCara Recine