You can do anything for 45 seconds!

Extravaganza is just around the bend and its not to late to sign up for a spotlight!

You: So isn’t that just for Solo’s? 

Me: No, actually you can do a Spotlight or Solo.

You: What’s the difference?

Me: I thought you’d never ask;)

Me: Well a Solo is generally choreographed and its between 60 and 90 seconds. Whereas a spotlight is not choreographed and it usually about 45 seconds all based on material you already know like school figures. 

You: So if its not choreographed, then what do I do?

Me: Well you get to pick the dance you are most comfortable and show off the figures you have been working on lately. Your teacher will put together a simple sequence of moves and help you get out there and make it happen for your dance spotlight. 

You: Whats the benefit of doing that since being in front of other people makes me feel a little uncomfortable. 

Me: Would you like to be able to be comfortable dancing in front of others eventually? (rhetorical question no need to answer;) Whether its at a social event or a spotlight we all feel self conscious about our dancing at times and the best way to get past it is to desensitize ourselves by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. 

You: That sounds like a good idea but how about I do it next time around...

Me: Its one of those “rip the band-aid off” kind of things. You are not going feel less nervous later, in fact the longer you wait the more time you have to build anxiety so instead just jump in head first and you’ll get over your fears the fastest, at the very least it will be exhilarating to conquer your fears!

You: Okay, I am a thrill seeker! Even though I am scared I know I can do any thing for 45 seconds! I’ll sign up for Tango since that is my favorite! 

Me: Awesome! I can’t wait to see it! I will be your biggest cheerleader living the thrill seeker life vicariously through you!!

Arthur Murray Extravaganza October 8th 2015: 7:30-9:45

See you there!!

AuthorCara Recine