Lets Talk about Medal Ball!

Are you on the road to your first medalist certificate our maybe your second or third. If so this is an event that can’t be beat. 

The top three reasons to attend the event this weekend are:

1) working toward a medal. whether is be you first or the third medal you have received, the medal ball is a great way to see all the levels. Sometimes all it takes to take your dancing to the next level is to watch others in your level so you can see you are not so far from your goals and get a good feel for what is coming next to accomplish. 

2) Getting exposure to new dances is also a huge plus! The last event we went to one of our veteran students discovered a new love for viennese waltz when watching it danced he commented that he never knew how much fun it could be because he had only attended a few basic classes and never had seen it danced at full quilter! So discovering new dances or seeing old ones in a new light is a major benefit to attending. 

3) Watching all the students perform. and getting to watch the pros dazzle with their lightening quick footwork is a major plus of Medal Ball attendance. Most of the time to see high level pros perform close up you would have to travel a distance and hope for front row access. At medal ball we bring the pros to you and we all get to see the performance up close and personal!

So in case you were thinking about coming and still not sure why to come, hope these three great reasons to do it for you! 

See you there! 

Saturday at 6:00-10:00 $5.00 for Spectators

Dancing, Refreshments,  & Fun! Right Here in Santa Rosa!


AuthorCara Recine