Overcoming Obstacles 

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Today we would like to share with you a wonderful performance from Arthur Murray’s District Solo Showcase Last month. This tear producing dance number showed us all what a champion of overcoming obstacles looks like. We are sure that this dance will be the first of many by the dynamic couple. Jay and Kathy met through a mutual friend and have been dating for over a year now. Jay has been dancing with Arthur Murray for about two years and wanted to share his passion for dance with Kathy by putting together a special dance piece. 

Kathy was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when she was about nine years old and was at various points in her life told by her doctors that this disease was basically a death sentence. Despite the difficulties that muscular dystrophy has caused for Kathy she maintains an amazing perspective on life and is truly a joy and an inspiration to all. Kathy credits much of her positive outlook to her mother for never letting her use the illness as an “out” for not doing her best in school work and in her daily life. 

Kathy holds a Masters degree, has worked as a motivational speaker for many years, is an avid cook, and can now add ballroom dancer to her bucket list of accomplishments. We can all learn from Kathy how to not let anything stand in the way of accomplishing our goals and dreams no matter what! Have you ever let a headache keep from going to a work out or a dance lesson? Or maybe you have an old sports injury that you feel is a deterrent from coming in and taking the dance lessons that you have always wanted to. Whatever the perceived obstacle large or small, let Kathy inspire you to put your abilities ahead of your potential obstacles. 

Our advice: Focus on what you can do instead thinking about potential obstacles. And if you do have an injury or illness that you need to work around just let us know and we will gladly choreograph around it for you. As Kathy shows us everyday its a matter of outlook and attitude which determines what you can do and the best attitude will always produce the best result!

Thank you Kathy and Jay for being a part of our Arthur Murray community, we are all lucky to have the honor of knowing you!

AuthorCara Recine