These two rocked their performance last night at the #livecommunity festival party!

Napa Dance Lessons

Dancing with the Stars and Stripes winners!!! Encore Perforamnce Edition

Colette and Rafael swept the recent competition to benefit the Veterans memorial fund in Santa Rosa 

Want to be a champion too? Here are the keys to their success:

1: Dedication

Despite Collette's rigorous schedule as the loving mother of two kids, and her role as the Director of the wildly successful Sonoma County Children's museums, she found time to take between 2-4 dance lessons per week over the past few months. Collette maintained a rockstar schedule while training with Arthur Murray Santa Rosa! 

Collette's teacher Rafael also manages a busy competitive schedule, as he just returned from a dance competition in Vancouver, Canada with his professional partner Isamar Rios. Even with a busy professional training and teaching schedule, Rafael found the time to dedicate and put his heart and soul into this Veterans fundraiser event.

The take-away: No matter what scheduling obstacles you face, there is always a way to accomplish your goals. Reframing your mentality on your time makes all of the difference. Dancing gives you time for yourself, so when its time for you, choose dancing! Carve time out for yourself and your passions, this choice will pay dividends in your happiness and sense of accomplishment. 

#no excuses!

2: Heart and soul

Collette: The tenacity of a warrior and the heart of a tiger gave Collette's Tango performance the edge that pushed it to the top. In getting to know Colette, we discovered that she had an inner dancer just waiting to be unleashed. When we met, she explained that for 10 plus years she had this desire to unleash this fierce inner dance goddess but hadn't given herself the permission, due to work and family life. We are so glad she finally let it out! 

Rafael: Inner strength and undying artistic vision give all of Rafael's projects that magic touch. As Rafael often says, "We create our own reality.” To learn to dance from Rafael is to learn of way of living. His approach encompasses mindset, mantras, and magic, of course. His fearless approach to dancing inspires all around him to unleash their inner artist. 

The take-away:

Be you, unapologetically. We all have an artist inside just waiting to be set free. Listen to the voice inside that urges you to get up and dance when your favorite song comes on the radio, because life is too short to wait to release your inner passion. So get out there, and let your light shine! Don't be afraid to start a wildly artistic dance project. Its never too late to give yourself the gift of music, movement, and dancing. 

3: Cross-training

Collette started her journey here at Arthur Murray Santa Rosa with her Tango routine, but quickly learned that by diversifying her studies she was able to not only invigorate her Tango, but also become a more well-rounded dancer. Collette took up many of the other social dances and found that it was a good mental break for her, while helping push her competitive routine.


Rafael came to Arthur Murray Santa Rosa with a strong background in all dances Latin but he challenges himself to learn Smooth and International. Rafael continues to be passionate about all forms of dance and pursues each dance with equal vigor.


The take away: Many times students ask us if they should just learn one dance at a time, and the answer is usually “no”. If you learn multiple things and just prioritize favorites, (majors and minors as we call them) you will have a lot more fun and greater ease of learning. 

AuthorCara Recine

What’s in your bag? Arthur Murray Edition

Napa Dance Lessons

Top 5 Dance bag essentials in order of their importance. 

#1 Shoes: An improper shoe will most certainly hamper even the most committed dancer from getting jiggy with it, busting out some fly cha cha moves or gravity defying waltz sequences. Accordingly, a good shoe has the ability to instill a strong confidence and an awesome sense of mojo and swagger. Suede soles are best, but in the absence of suede any smooth soled shoe that is firmly adhered to your foot will help you move with panache. 

#2 Swooshy pants: a swooshy skirt, or a flowy top. The key to the right wardrobe is juxtaposition. Examples: A tight body suit or tight black t-shirt contrasted by swooshy or flowy pants or a skirt. Alternately for the ladies another option is tight leggings with a loose silky top. Fabric that moves when you move is key to the visual affect of any great dance steps. How the steps affect the fabrics you are wearing and vice versa is an important consideration. 

#3 Beverage bottles! Its key to stay hydrated when dancing at the studio. Although we provide water, most students like to bring their own water bottles. For one thing, bringing your own water bottle is better for the environment. Additionally, it is much easier to keep track of your water consumption goals when you have your own bottle. Coffee and tea are also lovely but let’s not forget that water is best!

#4 Superfoods! The importance of food as an energy source cannot be stressed enough. Bring power bars, almonds, fruit etc. Its good to have healthy snacks you can eat on the go, so you don't get overly hungry which makes you want to eat chips and sugar. Another "superfood" of the ballroom is Mints. Everyone loves mints at the studio lest we commit the faux pas of halitosis, but dont forget if the mints have sugar in them they are not a good habit, so bring along sugar free mints instead so that you can pop them with abandon.

#5 Personal hygiene items: You don’t want to be stuck without a hair tie, a comb or deodorant, so its always good to keep a little supply of mini versions of your favorite personal items in your bag. Mini purell, mouth wash, possibly even a little toothbrush. Having these small essentials on hand could make you feel better from time to time.  Since we dance in close quarters with our fellow students, its best for your personal hygiene to be on point at all times.

We hope this helps give you ideas as you are packing your dance bag this week! See you at the studio; and lastly if you like this post please share it with your friends.


How to be the best attitude in the room:

Everyone’s looking at you because you are a radiator of lightness and internal freedom. Thats how you know you are a superhero of smiling. 

When you come across a villain you vow to make your good attitude bigger than their bad attitude. Thats how you know you are a superhero of smiling. 

There is always going to be a nay-sayer around but when you run across that grump in the cha cha group class you just smile and brush off their bad vibes. You’re not going to let this energy vampire get you down, not you, because you are a superhero of smiling.

Misery loves company and this grump is quick to tell you everything that is wrong, they are always tired because it’s exhausting being a villain. Don’t join them in their lackluster grump-a-thon. Instead make a U-turn at that energy depleting haunted house and high tail it out of there faster than the speed of light. Thats how you know you are a superhero of smiling. 

You just love a challenge and take each day on with glee, whether sunny or rainy you’re grateful for either and thats how you know, you’re a super hero of smiling!

So cheers to you all who brighten our world, we are so pleased to have so many wonderful superheroes in our dance community.  

Join the movement and wake up and be a superhero everyday. Slay those villains with your smile and cheer!! Thats how you know you are a superhero of smiling!

AuthorCara Recine

We are so proud of our students and staff who participated in District Showcase!! 

Some of the highlights:

1. Beautiful costumes!! 2. Making new friends. 3. Getting to reach goals. 4. Finding visions for new goals. 5. Getting outside of our comfort zone. 6. Fun!! 7. Building community with AM Santa Rosa Team Members. 8. Getting to see the staff bust it out. 9. Cheering on our teammates! 10. Seeing the professional shows and routines. 

Just in case you missed it, come by for our in studio Extravaganza October 6th and see an encore performance of this routine as well as loads of great student numbers!!

So lastly we just want to say a big thank you to all we came this time and hope to see you at the next show case April 2017! 







AuthorCara Recine

The Wacky World Festival


Jennie Orvino performing with Zach Crawford

Jennie Orvino performing with Zach Crawford

Festival is underway!!

We just had our first two Festival parties of the season and had so much fun with all of the wonderful students who were adorned in the wackiest gear they could muster! This year’s theme is Time travel, so we kicked it off with futuristic gear. Funny glasses and shiny pants fluttered about as we all boogied the night away.  Next we traveled back in time to the 80’s and 90’s with last Thursday’s Grunge and Glow party.  

So what is Festival, you might ask?

Festival is a six week themed party period that happens each year in the beginning of summer, throughout all Arthur Murray’s worldwide. It's a great time to get use out of any wacky clothes you have stashed away in your closet, and find an excuse to shop for more quirky apparel you would otherwise have no rational purpose for acquiring. 

During Festival, our students compete for prizes based on participation and school spirit. Our teachers are also competing with each other and teachers worldwide to see whose students are the most spirited! Stop by the front desk for more information on how you can get involved in Festival this year. Or stop by a Thursday night party to check it out for yourself!

Our Festival parties are free and open to the public, so come on in! 

Check out our Calendar to get in on the Fun!


AuthorCara Recine