looking for a dance partner?

No Partner Necessary.

Don't have a dance partner? Never worry!

Finding someone that shares your passion for ballroom dance is easy with Arthur Murray! 

Often times we first connect with our students, they ask if they need a partner to start lessons. 

Our reply is no, the great thing about coming to us is we provide one for you.

From group classes to private lessons, and practice parties, it is always perfectly okay for you to arrive solo.  Our instructors will be there every step of the way to help you progress, and grow towards your goals.  

The moment you step in the studio, you have a space to meet new dancing partners, and friends. As you transform into a proficient dancer, and find others to do it with you will find that at our practice parties and group lessons give you the opportunity to dance with different people,  in different dance levels, from beginner to advanced.

Don't wait to pursue your dream of ballroom dancing. Come meet our amazing community of passionate ballroom dancers, and sign up for your first lesson today. 

AuthorSara Rose

Wine country tips, how to dance and sip.

Which Dances Pair Best with Your Favorite Wine

Wine & dancing go hand in hand like two best friends, but before they became best friends they would have to meet!

So, which wine goes perfectly with which dance?

Well, we have our tested and approved humble opinion to answer that question.

Here's what we discovered to be the perfect wine to pair with different dance styles: 

Tango & Zinfandel: Spicy and sultry. Just the right flavor to get you in mood for the passionate dance of love and hate. Zinfandel will get you in the right frame of mind to Tango, that's a fact. 

Foxtrot & Champagne: Raise your glass for a toast. The swanky dance Foxtrot, brings a certain elegance to any occasion. Think Great Gatsby party. Foxtrot & Champagne are simply the perfect accompaniment. 

Rosé & Rumba: A little dessert, a little rosé, a little Rumba. Can you think of a sweeter date night? We can't. 

Waltz & Sauvignon Blanc: Light hearted, and light on your feet! Sauvignon Blanc is light and just crisp enough to not weigh you down like other heavy wines, so you can stay light while you're sweeping the floor in a Waltz.

Mambo & Sangria: Get into the spirit of this latin dance enjoying a cold glass of fruit sangria. Working up a sweat Mamboing, Sangria will help cool you down and feel refreshed. That way, you'll be able to keep dancing into the wee hours of the starry night. 

We hope this helps you enhance your dancing experience living in wine country!

Now you know which bottle to pop for every dancing occasion :) 


AuthorCara Recine

Whatever your summer plans may be, make it a goal to mix dancing into ALL of them.

wine bottle

Here are some places you can show off those moves this summer:

Street Fairs: Summertime brings longer days and comfortably cool nights, and is a perfect time to enjoy street fairs. With all the sights and sounds on the street, don't hesitate to bust a move! Now that you have the magical knowledge from Arthur Murray, you are going to be the most qualified one to start a block dance party that lasts all night long. 

Winery: Chatting with friends over a glass of wine is fun and all, but could be better. Why not shake it up? Find a winery that has live music or a band playing. Don't wait till your third glass of cab to get the jitterbug, dance while they're pouring your first drop.

Weddings:  After taking those dance lessons, you don't need to stress about whether or not you're looking polished on the dance floor of your best friend's wedding. Dance the night away proudly, and ask other wedding guests to have a dance with confidence knowing you might teach them a thing or two.

Music Nights: There's nothing like entertainment, and live music on a summer night. The best way to make a night even more memorable is to add some dancing to the mix, and be a part of the entertainment yourself. Especially if you're waiting in line, why would you ever want to waste precious time standing still when you can groove? Get the show going and the crowd hyped, everyone will thank you for it!